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For the past few months I have had just an absolute blast working with two of the most dynamic women i’ve ever met: Amy Enderle and Kim Wade of Silverbox Photographers. We started out with a re-design of their logo… and then moved on to biz cards, and dvd packaging, and PDF brochures, and vendor postcards, and… well, i’m a little out of breath just thinking of all the great stuff we’ve produced together.

First, a word about the logo… their “old” logo had a real handwritten feel to it… probably because it was exactly that! it was a great way to represent the personal attention they bring to their client relationships. Amy + Kim felt they had outgrown this look, and so had their clients. they wanted something a little more elegant, and little more upscale, but their new logo still had to retain the feeling of joy, and love (these women are BIG on love) and fun.

Here’s what we developed.

silverbox logo before and after

The elegance and upscale? That comes in the typeface (glorious Gotham!) and that sweet little ornament… it could be a frame (they are photographers, after all). Or it could be a compass… their tagline is “we go where your heart takes you.” The joy and love and fun? That’s what the yellow is all about. What a wonderful colour to express all those emotions.

Today, Amy and Kim launched their new look blog, which I helped them customize. Here’s what it used to look like:

old silverbox photographers blog And here’s what it looks like now:

silverbox photographers blogIt’s just so much more joyful and energetic, wouldn’t you agree?

But of course, we didn’t stop there. We did some business cards (beautiful letterpress business cards, I might add):

silverbox photographers business cards

And a brochure and pricing guide:

silverbox photographers pricing guide

DVD packaging:

silverbox photographers dvd packagingPromo and vendor cards:

silverbox photographers vendor cardsEven some sweet event cards to hand out at wedding receptions:

silverbox photographers event cardThere’s more, but I think your reward for reading a post this long is for me to end it! Thanks, Amy + Kim… it’s been a treat working with you!





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