6 thoughts on “Darbi G Photography

  • Michelle…reading this made me fall in love all over again with what you created. I loved working with you–you took my honest feedback and desire to nail my visual identity and rocked it. Thank you soooo much!!! (And btw, I’ve received great comments about my new look!!!)

  • Wow, such great work! I love this–and as a 2010 bride of Darbi’s, I can tell you the look and feel of her site/materials instantly made us think she’d be a great fit!

  • Hello,

    I love your work and would love to purchase them. But where do you print them? I have been searching everywhere that will do trifold printing and can’t find anywhere.

    Please let me know! I love your wedding brochure and would love to purchase it! I really hate the skinny trifolds, love the square!!

  • Hi Brianna! Thanks for the comment :)

    I try to format the wedding brochures so that they can be printed double sided on 8.5×11 or 8.5×14 paper. Then they’re trimmed to size, folded and stapled in the middle. Usually any good copy shop or print house (even Kinko’s) can do that! If you’d like a quote on design, let me know!

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