Form & Function

Form & Function designs and builds furniture for keeps. Located in my hometown — Vancouver, BC — this retail operation is masterminded by Jack and Susan McCullough. Jack looks after operations and Susan is an incredibly talented designer.

When they contacted me, about a year had gone by after they had lost much of their inventory in a devastating fire. But – they had re-located, re-built and were ready for a visual identity re-fresh! We started off by taking a hard look at their logo.  Here’s what they had been using:

Form & Function old logo

And you know, it wasn’t terrible. But it was completely lacking in the qualities they wanted their brand to communicate: custom design, fine manufacturing and style! So we spent some time working on type choice (we went with Bembo, Perpetua and Meta); we gave some thought to harmonious letter spacing, and we chose a colour that reflected Jack & Susan’s love of cherry wood. Here’s the final logo:

Form & Function logo designed by A Girl Named FredMuch better! Next we tackled an update for their website. It used to look like this:

Form & Function old website

Now it looks like this:

Form & Function website designed by A Girl Named Fred

We have plans to build it out; but for now it’s a simple landing page that is more effective at describing what they do, and how they do it.

We designed some new business cards:

Form & Function business cards

And a brochure (the first one they’d had in a long, long time! And it’s a tri-fold, so imagine it folded if you please):

Form & Function brochure

We also did some notepads for in-store notations:

Form & Function notepads

And a suite of advertisements for Canada’s leading daily newspaper, The Globe and Mail:

Form & Function ads

Jack & Susan have been such a pleasure to work with. If you are ever looking for a beautiful piece of furniture made right here in Canada — and built to last — please do think of Form & Function. You won’t be disappointed!





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