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Captive IR is a boutique investor relations consultancy, located here in Vancouver, headed by Megan Helmer. Megan and I were colleagues in a former life, and when she approached me about designing the identity for her new venture, I was thrilled. It’s always fun to help a friend; and it’s especially fun to help a friend who is starting out on a new adventure.

When I asked Megan what she was looking for in a visual identity, she told me she wanted something professional and elegant, but also fun and vibrant. I knew it had to try to capture the tremendous energy and enthusiasm with which she tackles everything in life.

Here is what we developed:

Captive IR logoWe went with one of the most elegant typefaces around – Didot (I was SO happy to finally get to use this typeface on a client project). It is just the perfect fit for Megan. She is just as feminine and classy as the typeface that now represents her. We chose a really fresh green and blue palette to give the identity some energy. And that swirl icon? It could be a C. It could be energy. It has a lot of permutations.

We did some business cards that really play up the icon:

Captive IR business cardsAnd we had some fun with her Twitter background, too. You can see it here.

If you’re a small cap company looking for better bang for your IR buck, give Megan a call!

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  • Michelle, I hear so many compliments about my visual identity, and especially my business cards. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the amazing work you did! Megan.

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