Sugar & Spice

The best compliment any client can pay me is when they come back to me for more! Of course I love referrals, but repeat business is even more valuable to me. It’s such a vote of confidence in my work and the relationship I try to build with my clients. So imagine my delight when Darbi G. came back to me for help designing the visual identity for her boudoir photography business. Yep, I was pretty pleased!

She was looking for something that would give clients a visual clue — “hey, this is a Darbi G gig” — but would feel distinct enough to stand on its own. It was important to her that it expressed the two elements of the name: there had to be some sweetness; but there also had to be some heat! She specifically requested that we explore the idea of portraying the female form in an abstract way.

And so that’s just what we did!

sugar & spice logo designed by a girl named fredSo what can I tell you about this logo… first, the colours are familiar. They are the same as the Darbi G. colours, and thus an important visual clue for clients. Second, we kept the typefaces the same. I mean, you can’t really go wrong with Garamond and Gotham, right? But we added the incredibly beautiful Baskerville Italic ampersand to give the typography a nice set of womanly curves.

The icon is round, to help express the idea of connection. The abstract shape is reminiscent of twin Ss (Sugar & Spice), but it could also be the curve of a woman’s waist. There’s a heart shape in there… maybe the small of a woman’s back, but also to express the idea that most women come to Darbi for boudoir photography as a gift for a loved one. And finally, some very feminine pearls.

Thanks, Darbi, for the opportunity to support you once again!

Darbi’s just launched her boudoir site (she took on the design for that herself… she’s multi-talented that way), and you can see it here. But be warned, serious curves ahead!





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