Mugs and greeting cards & stickers, oh my!

So you have a new visual identity… great! And you’ve updated your blog, and you’ve got business cards, too. Have you ever wondered what else you can do to promote your business? Take a look at what my client, The Memory Journalists, have done.

What a great selection of promotional materials!

Memory Journalists Promotional Materials

(photo courtesy The Memory Journalists)

If you need a reminder, here’s The Memory Journalists’ logo:

The Memory Journalists logo

So how did we get from there to that suite of materials up above? I always recommend to my clients that we think about a visual identity as something modular – with elements that can moved around — mixed and matched — to suit the application. And that’s just what we did. And we added a few pops of colour for good measure.

As Jen says: “Now we have cute MJ cards to send out to our clients and industry friends. We have always been big on the hand-written card and now we’ve taken it to the next level. Now the cards we send out are The Memory Journalists cards with our fun colors and our logo. We also had some beautiful Memory Journalists coffee mugs made and have been sending them out to our brides each season.”

You can check out The Memory Journalists for yourself here.





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