Little Cord Art

This project is a delight to introduce – Little Cord Art. The brainchild of Stephanie and Keith Duffy, Little Cord Art creates truly one of a kind artwork from a cross-section of your child’s umbilical cord.

Before you say “hmm…. ” take a look at the gorgeous pieces:

Little Cord Art

photography © Jackelin Slack

Stunning, right? With artwork like that, we decided it had to be the focus of the visual identity. And so it’s heavily featured in the logo:

Little Cord Art logo

The beauty of that icon is that artwork can be switched in and out to suit design parameters, or as new artwork colors are available. And of course the circle shape references the umbilical cord and the connected, eternal nature of the parent-child relationship.

Our palette is entirely inspired by the artwork – bright, modern and young but NOT childish:

Little Cord Art palette

And we have a couple of delightful polka dot patterns:

Little Cord Art patterns

Next we set to work on collateral materials, such as business cards:

Little Cord Art business cards

(And yes, you know we used Moo’s infinity printing option so we could have all those lovely artwork backs printed!)

And a welcome brochure:

Little Cord Art welcome brochure

And the elements of the collection kit:

Little Cord Art collection kit

We even did some sample artwork images for the website:

Little Cord Art mockup

Little Cord Art mockup

             I can’t take any credit for the website, that was done by the talented Pam Green at DOT Simple. She did a wonderful job bringing the visual identity to life!

Stephanie and Keith – congrats on the birth of your new business. I look forward to watching it grow!





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