Heather Brulez Photography

Heather Brulez came to me as a referral from one of my Kansas City clients (you all know the Solars, right?). And I’m so happy she did! Heather was an absolute delight to work with, and I think we came up with something special for her visual identity.

Before I do any design work, no matter what the project, I always have clients complete a questionnaire to help me understand them and their business a little bit better. One of the questions I ask is “Describe your business using one sentence.” Many clients have a challenge keeping it short and sweet. Not Heather. She responded with “I tell love stories.” Heather specializes in wedding and newborn photography (really, where else can you find such wonderful love stories?) and just like that, a visual identity was born!


heather brulez photography logo


Right off the top I should say that these is absolutely nothing wrong with what Heather was using before. She was clearly identifying her business, there was nothing too crazy going on visually to distract from her gorgeous photography, and the type was professional looking. But as she said to me, she felt she had erred on the side of too much simplicity, and that the essence of who she is as a photographer was simply not coming through. She had been in business long enough to know what she wanted to say… and what her clients wanted to experience. Would you like to see the logo before and after?

heather brulez photography logo before and after

The type is a mix of Didot (elegant, classy, professional… just like Heather!) and Jacques & Gilles (heartfelt, personal and a little bit organic… just like her work!).

The palette reminds me of a wonderful quilt, hand-sewn by your grandmother, that’s been gently faded by time and maybe a little bit of sunshine. Something you’d treasure, much like professional photography. (Does that make me sound sentimental? I think I just might be!)

heather brulez photography palette

We also developed a set of patterns and textures that Heather can apply throughout her marketing and packaging materials.

heather brulez photography patterns

And we did the sweetest secondary / watermark!

heather brulez photography watermarkIt all comes together beautifully in the redesign of her website, which you can see in full here.

heather brulez photography website

(In case you’re wondering, that’s  a ProPhoto 4 customization… and yes, I continue to love this template for photographers!)

Heather also opted to customize her Facebook and Twitter pages with her new visual identity. This is something I always recommend to my clients (and I now offer social media packs as part of my design services to make it super easy). It shows attention to detail and visual consistency that their clients will appreciate!

heather brulez photography social media pages

I am looking forward to see how Heather continues to implement this “love”-ly new visual identity!





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