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about us

You can build a meaningful, high-impact life that is aligned professionally and personally. We help you identify and unlock leadership potential in yourself, your team, or your organization, leading to better performance and increased engagement.

our mission

We strive to make the world a better place by inspiring others to do what they love, love what they do and live a life that embodies their personal and professional values, passion, and talents.

our values

Making a Difference. We coach others to become exceptional leaders, able to be their best in all situations.


Caring. We value trusting relationships and care about those we work with and for.


Transformation. We help others transform their personal and professional lives by helping them better understand the motivation and behaviour of themselves and those around them, and how to pivot for success.


Quality. We provide quality, customized service.


Creativity. We use in and out-of-the-box approaches to conceptualize and create solutions.


Gratitude. We are grateful for the opportunities we have to work with fabulous clients!

our approach

We believe all professionals want to succeed and we provide you with the tools to do so. We help you communicate your vision of success and your leadership presence to others so that you are visible in the way you want to be seen.


We combine our personal experience and areas of expertise with current research and science to create effective, real-world coaching programs that are easy to understand, implement, and measure. We bring an HR lens to our coaching, and for certain projects we can offer organizational development support, such as strategy or organizational design, including roles and responsibilities.


We start with values, passion, and talent.


When these are aligned, individuals and teams understand their value-add, super powers and strengthen behaviours that support their use of these. The result? A fulfilling, awesome career and life!

insights that will forever guide my career development

"It's truly a pleasure working with Cheryl. She's an attentive listener and takes a true interest in her clients, their goals and objectives. She's helped me diagnose a number of challenges and opportunities and has made my work more effective day-to-day while providing me with insights that will forever guide my career development."

Scott, Senior Project Manager

cheryl has helped me grow immensely

"Cheryl has a clear, supportive model and tailors her approach to each participant in an interesting and accessible manner. Cheryl supported me through both work and personal challenges."

Maggie, Program Manager

our team

Our team has extensive experience and certifications in coaching, leadership development, course design and facilitation. As former senior leaders in human resources, training and organizational development, we understand the challenges you face and we have the experience to help you overcome them.

Cheryl Stafford, Principal

The foundation of my coaching philosophy is a simple formula: insight + action = results.


I work with my clients to equip them with the insight they need to better understand themselves, and the skills they need to be able to take action to develop to their full potential.


Behaviour change can be hard, even scary. I get that. With equal measures of empathy and tough love, pragmatism and creativity, I help my clients stay focused through uncertainty, and share their pride in achieving their professional and personal goals.


I bring more than 20 years of leadership development, facilitation/teaching, executive coaching and strategic HR experience to my practice. I am a Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation), Certified Executive Coach (Royal Roads University) and Certified Professional in Human Resources (CPHR BC and Yukon).

I have a client services team that supports me in providing a quality client experience. Please contact them at clientservices@cherylstafford.ca to book a meeting with me.


Chelsea Ramey-Loeppky, Executive Assistant

Chelsea manages our client services team, and supports me in providing a quality client experience. She brings 8+ years’ of customer service and human resources experience along with a customized, fun, people-focused approach to client relations.


You will meet Chelsea as soon as you begin working with CS&A! We know you’ll click with her immediately as she ensures your experience with us is top notch. Fun fact, you’ll likely never see Chelsea with the same hairstyle – she changes it often to reflect her fun nature.


Please contact her at clientservices@cherylstafford.ca to book a meeting with me.

cheryl was great at helping me identify my blind spots

"I felt very comfortable talking to Cheryl and sharing information with her. Her insight and experience provided great examples for me to draw on and think about. I walked away from each session more curious than when I walked in because of the conversations we had. Cheryl was very good at asking the right questions and encouraging self-reflection, allowing me to think clearly about the situation or problem at hand."

Clarence, Director of Client Services & Communications

our associates

I work with a trusted network of like-minded associates to offer a range of services and programs beyond leadership coaching, including succession planning, HR strategy and planning, workplace culture and speaker and keynote presentations.


I am also happy to offer referrals when my current engagements do not allow for new projects, or when I feel another consultant may be a better fit for a potential client's needs.

Natalie Michael headshot

Natalie Michael, Executive Coach & Succession Expert

Cheryl and Natalie met more than 15 years ago and instantly connected over values, purpose and passion. Since that time, they've partnered on numerous coaching and consulting projects under the Karmichael Group and Waterfront Partners umbrella. Natalie was Cheryl's first co-designer for the leadership foundations program. Natalie's current focus is on succession management and CEO-focused coaching. She is the author of two books, Your CEO Succession Playbook, and The Duck and the Butterfly: Coaching Questions for Leaders at Work.

Suzanne Ricard-Greenway, Executive Coach & Keynote Speaker

Cheryl and Suzanne met while serving on the International Coach Federation, Vancouver Chapter Board. A relationship based on mutual values and mission arose and they have been doing meaningful joint venture work ever since. They have co-designed and facilitated a foundational leadership program for leaders interested in transformational leadership. Suzanne's current focus is on writing for Forbes, and using her absolute trust model to inspire leaders to step in to their power.

Ashley Elchuk, HR Consultant

Ashley Elchuk is an experienced HR professional with more than a decade spent in the non-profit and public sectors. As a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR BC and Yukon), Ashley has spent her career in roles supporting strategic HR and people operations at small and large organizations. Ashley is passionate about creating environments, both in the workplace and outside of it, where people feel empowered to be their best.

our certifications

Our coaching and HR education certifications include:


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