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Julie Branyan Photography

I’m so excited to tell you about Julie! She’s an Omaha, Nebraska-based photographer who focuses on portraits and weddings. She’s kind of goofy, kind of introspective… and more than a little committed to expressing herself through her photography. She is also committed to helping her clients tell their stories through her images. I guess that’s why we connected so well – we both love to express ourselves visually!

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Puzzlewood Communication

I have had the great pleasure of working with Rebecca at Puzzlewood for… gosh, more than 5 years now. First we worked together at Ballard Power Systems, and then when we both decided to head out on our own, she asked me to develop the visual identity for her communication consultancy, Puzzlewood Communication.

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I’ve been working with Garnish for a while, now… the main Garnish guru is my sweet sister, Suzanne. And as she likes to say, all it takes is a little Garnish to turn every-day into extra-ordinary!

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Spirit of the North: Winter 2009

One of my roles is art director and designer of Spirit of the North magazine. It’s a quarterly publication dedicated to covering everything that is quintessentially north: adventure, exploring, nature and the environment.

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Darbi G Photography

In my continuing series of “new to you” design postings (please do bear with me… I’m catching up on about 9 months of work!), I’m very excited to showcase Darbi G. Photography. Darbi is a wedding, lifestyle and boudoir (ooo la la!) photographer based in Kansas City, MO. She’s a little bit sassy, a lot energetic and tons of fun to have as a client.

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Solar Photographers

OK, OK, technically this does not even come close to qualifying as new work … the Solars launched their new look way back in October 2009! But I have been busy, what can I say, and I have neglected showing off my clients to the degree they deserve. Especially clients as wonderful as these! So, without further ado, I bring you Solar Photographers, a husband and wife photography team based in Kansas City, MO.

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