Light the Lamp

I recently completed a visual identity project for a Vancouver-based HR consultant… Light the Lamp. The company specializes in HR programs for small to medium-sized business that might not be able to afford a full time HR strategist. And the company name is a play on a sports analogy. In hockey, when you score a goal, the red light behind the net shines. My client thinks companies should never have to give up a goal. That said, we agreed that a hockey visual would be too literal (and too limiting) an interpretation for her visual identity.

She wanted something that said professional but approachable; practical but human. She wanted to display a bit of her (superb) sense of fun. And she wanted her identity to have some energy.

I took inspiration for the final logo from the idea that a company is made up of many types of people; that a corporate culture is a mix of elements. For the most part, we all put our pants on one leg at a time and yet we all feel different. I also thought about the idea of how solutions tend to come in an “aha” moment… the proverbial light bulb going off in our head.

And here’s the final logo.

light the lamp logo

Here’s the business card treatment:

light the lamp business cards

I also designed a very simple website for Sarah. We tried to have a little fun with her homepage image.

light the lamp website

If you’re a reader in the Vancouver area who owns a small to medium sized business and you need a crack HR consultant, I highly recommend Light the Lamp. They’re smart, they’re practical and they’re effective.





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