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On April 1, Jeremy Arnold of Jeremy Arnold Photographer launched his new visual identity. Let me tell ya, this one was such a pleasure to work on (well, I seem to say that about all my clients, don’t I? But what’s a girl to do? I’m blessed with awesome clients!). I particularly enjoy working with photographers: our common language is visual!

First, here’s a peek at Jeremy’s old look… his logo:

and his blog:

In the design brief, Jeremy let me know that he liked the crisp feel of his current wordmark, but that everything else had to go.  “I want my identity to be more crisp, fun, exciting, different. I hate the way my identity looks self made and doesn’t stand out or show who I really am as a person or photographer.”

Jeremy’s photography is very bright, very fashion-forward and kind of hip. He loves to have fun while he shoots; he doesn’t take himself too seriously. And he needed a visual identity that reflects that. Here’s what we developed.

jeremy arnold photographer logo

That bright, crisp green colour is just filled with life and serves a preview of the kind of colour saturation you’ll see in his images. The type is casual but not sloppy; crisp but not cold — just like Jeremy! And the tie? Well, that’s a little tongue-in-cheek reference to the kind of suit-less profession Jeremy pursues. (Although apparently he’s known for wearing ties with his t-shirts!)

Here’s how the logo fits into his new visual identity system.

The new blog looks like this (isn’t it punchy?):

Here are his business cards… carrying through the stripes from the tie and lots of green!

Here’s a peek at his marketing brochure (you can see how we used some secondary, equally bright colours to bring some variety to his look and referenced the circular shape in his logo):

And here are his CD packaging materials:

How does Jeremy feel about the results? He’s pretty jazzed! And he’s had great response from clients, friends and family who have told him his new look is 100% Jeremy. And that’s as it should be!

Thanks, Jeremy, for the opportunity to work with you. It was a blast!





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