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OK, OK, technically this does not even come close to qualifying as new work … the Solars launched their new look way back in October 2009! But I have been busy, what can I say, and I have neglected showing off my clients to the degree they deserve. Especially clients as wonderful as these! So, without further ado, I bring you Solar Photographers, a husband and wife photography team based in Kansas City, MO.

I always ask my clients to complete a design brief. It helps me understand them; it helps them understand themselves. And it gives us some pretty clear focus for our design undertakings. With the Solars, a change in the business (moving from mostly Josh to Josh + Jenny) was driving the desire for change. Here is what they told me: “We want the brand to be about us, and not Josh Solar Photo. We are open to change everything we have to to make our brand about Josh and Jenny Solar. The business is us, and needs to reflect that.” What were they looking for in a visual identity? Something that says “We are fun, happy people who love our job. Everyone who books us gets treated like the unique individuals they are.”

We started with the logo re-design. The inspiration? Well, it came from a ton of places but most directly from their images. They are filled with fun and genuine emotional connection. And that is what we tried to reflect in their new look.

Here is the logo before and after:

solar photographers logoReally fresh colours. A very open feeling type treatment. And an icon that communicates joyful energy.

Next step? Figuring out how to implement that new logo into a complete visual identity system. And when I say “system,” I mean “system.” You are going to see tons of collateral in this post. Josh and Jenny re-did everything… and I had an absolute blast helping them do it!

First we developed a tagline (We have fun taking pictures.) and featured it in their new business card design:

solar photographers business cards

Next we tackled their blog redesign. Here is the before:

And here is the after – much more fun, right?

And after that we worked on a whole host of collateral materials. Here are some pages from their wedding brochure:

solar photographers wedding brochure

And their portraits brochure (yep, they are multi-talented that way!):

solar photographers portraits brochure

We also customized all their forms (they ask their clients all the right questions to ensure they take the best images they can!):

solar photographers forms

We did some fun gift certificates…

solar photographers gift certificates

And a map for directions to their studio:

solar photographers studio map

We did some promotional postcards (these are the portraits postcards; we did some for weddings, too):

solar photographers portraits postcard

We even customized their Design Aglow materials!

solar photographers design aglow

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. The Solars visual identity is super flexible and we can apply it easily to all kinds of materials!

Josh & Jenny are two of the most open-hearted people I have ever met. I was delighted to help them create a visual identity that helps express that. It has been SUCH a joy to work on this project!





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