I’ve been working with Garnish for a while, now… the main Garnish guru is my sweet sister, Suzanne. And as she likes to say, all it takes is a little Garnish to turn every-day into extra-ordinary!

Check out the shop for yourself. You’ll find plain white boxes, bamboo cutlery, pretty coloured twine… and everything in between. Suzanne also has a great blog where she shares tips and tricks and features ideas from her customers.

The whole philosophy of Garnish is simplicity mixed with modern elegance and a dash of fun. And so we designed a logo that reflects that: logo

Next we developed a flexible colour palette that feels elegant but also warm and welcoming, to reinforce the “personal touch” products that she sells. colour palette designed by a girl named fred

And then we began developing her promotional materials. Here are her business cards: business cards designed by a girl named fredAnd the promo cards she uses for general marketing: promotional cards designed by a girl named fred

And some similar ones, but used for marketing to brides, wedding planners and wedding venues: wedding promo cards designed by a girl named fred

Last year she supported a Covenant House fundraiser, and here’s the flyer we did for the event (doesn’t it make you want to do a home spa right now?): covenant house flyer designed by a girl named fred

Every order is packaged with a hand-written thank you note: thank you cards designed by a girl named fred

… and a handy wallet-sized calendar: calendar designed by a girl named fred

Thanks, Suzanne! It’s been a lot of fun being along for the ride as you develop your passion for adding a personal touch into a thriving online business.





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