Banana Abby

I’m so, so excited to introduce you to Banana Abby! Is she not just the cutest little basset hound you’ve ever seen? Josh + Jenny Solar and their kids sure think so; that’s why they adopted her into their family and named their latest photography venture in her honour (Josh decided earlier this year that his wonderful dog photography needed a home of its own). I was so pleased when they asked me to work with them on Banana Abby’s visual identity and marketing materials. We worked together on the refresh of Solar Photographers (you can see that post here) and it’s such a compliment to get repeat work from a client.

OK, enough talk… let’s get to some show and tell. When I asked Josh what he was looking for in a visual identity for this new venture, he told me he wanted something very simple, very un-cluttered — something where the focus could be on the dog. He wanted it to be a little fun (no surprise there… the Solars are all about fun!), joyful and also to express the bond that dogs and humans share.

Here’s what we developed:

Banana Abby logo

The star of this show is clearly the dog – and a well-loved dog at that. We’ve got some subtle heart shapes in the nose and tongue to reinforce the emotional bond between dogs and their people. And we’ve chosen a joyful yellow to give the mark some energy. Classic typefaces help keep the look classy, not kitschy.

For the watermark, we re-assembled the elements into a circular shape that’s easy to place regardless of the image (that’s Josh with the real life Banana Abby, snapped by Jenny):

Banana Abby watermark

For business cards, we developed a fun pattern featuring four essential doggy components: bones, balls, fire hydrants and dog houses:

banana abby business cardsWe used that pattern and its elements in the website design (and if you visit the Banana Abby site you’ll see Banana Abby has a little animation going on… very cute!):

banana abby website designed by A Girl Named Fred

Finally we developed a pricing guide, which kind of pulls all the design elements into once place:

Banana Abby brochure designed by A Girl Named Fred

In keeping with the Solars’ commitment to give back, 10% of the proceeds from Banana Abby photo sessions will be donated to Wayside Waifs, the animal shelter that was once Banana Abby’s home (and where Josh volunteers to photograph animals for adoption).

This was such a fun project — thanks to Josh and Jenny for the opportunity to help bring Banana Abby to life!





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