Rachael Ruffin Photography

I recently had the pleasure of working with Kanasas City’s Rachael Ruffin to re-design her logo and website. She thinks of her work–and her style–as swanky, modern… art! So that’s what drove our design direction.

First, a logo with a lot of expression:

Rachael Ruffin logo

That’s a combination of Blanch and Capistrano you’re seeing in the type. A perfect combination of swank and modernity if you ask me! And we chose an icon that is just bursting with energy – much like Rachael herself.

Now on to the palette:

Rachael Ruffin palette

And a set of customized, complementary patterns and textures:


And finally a watermark treatment and a set of icons:

icons and watermark

And we had all the building blocks of a visual identity that just screams Rachael!

Here are the building blocks put together in her website:

Rachael Ruffin website

(Yes, that’s ProPhoto 4 customization. I LOVE ProPhoto. So infinitely customizable and you can’t beat their customer service!)

Next up? We’ve got a brochure and some business cards to design. Fun!

Rachael, it’s been such a pleasure working with you. I look forward to much more of your swanky, modern… art!





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