Kids Therapy Made Simple

I’m very pleased to introduce work done for my client Kids Therapy Made Simple, a Los Angeles-based occupational therapy practice created by Dr. Lisa Lewis to provide comprehensive therapeutic services with the goal of helping kids with life… and supporting families through the process.

As Dr. Lisa says:

It all began with my love of children. When I sat down to figure out how I could most  effectively help children and their families become the best they can be, a combination of different services came to mind: individual Occupational Therapy and Social Play Groups for young children. But then I thought about the parents. Who is taking care of them while their children are being cared for?

That was my “a-ha” moment. What would happen if I provided parents and caregivers with individual and group psychotherapy to address their own needs in conjunction with their child’s treatment? And so Kids Therapy Made Simple was born!

When I asked Dr. Lisa what she was looking for in a visual identity, she talked to me about her love for bold, floral patterns and bright, energetic colours. And I did work with that in the concept phase… but I also presented an idea that was a bit more literal. And she loved it. So we went with kids. Doing what kids do best… play! Simple, bright colours. And a type choice just a little reminiscent of elementary school.

Kids Therapy Made Simple logo

Dr. Lisa’s website design takes its inspiration from the logo – bright and airy, easy to navigate and fun to read!

Kids Therapy Made Simple websiteYou can see the full site here.

And of course we did some business cards:

Kids Therapy Made Simple business cardsAnd yes, we made sure to use Moo’s printfinity option to make the most of those colourful backs!

Dr. Lisa’s business is thriving (she recently added three new team members!), and I was delighted to be part of its inception.





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