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I'm a people manager looking for coaching and leadership training or team building programs for my team or organization.

We work with leaders and their teams to improve communication and outcomes. You’ll get the tactics and tools you need to understand and overcome gaps in individual or team performance, leading to transformational outcomes personally and professionally.

I'm a professional looking for personal coaching or leadership training.

Our one-on-one coaching programs are personalized to help you align who you are with what you do. You’ll build the self-awareness you need to improve your ability to maximize personal and professional success.

I'm Cheryl Stafford.

professional certified coach

leadership expert

For more than 20 years, I’ve been helping others understand themselves enough to see their gifts and talents, gain the courage to grow in areas that will help them reach their goals, and live happier, more balanced lives.


As a certified professional coach, I work with established leaders to up their “A” game, and emerging or mid-level leaders to develop effective leadership behaviours and skills. I balance pragmatism and integrity with warmth, compassion, and humour. My programs use a wide variety of tools to assess how my clients think, work, and relate.

It is truly a challenge to pin-point the greatest impact Cheryl has created in me; where do I start?

“Within a short period of time, Cheryl went beyond helping me gain clarity on my career path and consistently challenged me to assess circumstances under different lights, enabling me to become a more happy and optimistic person. The EQi she has introduced me to had a phenomenal impact on both my personal and professional life. It has allowed me to have a more in-depth understanding of self, and to make better choices when interacting with others.”

Rita, Account Executive

We are a different and far better company...

"Cheryl did a great job of leading our Culture Change initiative. She kept us focused on a course of discovery and practical implementation that had a very positive impact on the staff and the business.


Cheryl also provided one:one coaching sessions with the leadership team to ensure that the culture changes became sustainable, successful and part of our long-term business strategy."



Owner and President

I will use the skills I gained often...

"Cheryl Stafford and her colleagues are highly experienced and gifted educators.


Their one-day coaching workshop offered a really nice balance of formal instruction, with solid materials and background reading, and informal, spontaneous exercises where participants were able to test elements of coaching and learn from others."



Communications Consultant

Her expertise was instrumental in shaping my career...

"Cheryl is a dynamic, strategic, and focused HR professional and it was an absolute pleasure for me to have an opportunity to receive training and coaching from her.


Her ability to pinpoint behavioral strengths as well as areas of improvements has enabled me to grow in the most effective manner. Coupled with her warm and welcoming personality, she was a joy to work with and to learn from."



Fundraising Director

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