We help you raise more money

by connecting your donors' hearts

with the heart of your mission.

Authentic communication.

Engaging conversation.

Lasting connection.

We love humans! There is no limit to what we can accomplish when we work together to solve problems and make our world better.


We help you create that sense of togetherness with your donors. We dig deep to understand who you are, who your donors are, and where your goals for a better world meet. We then refocus your fundraising communication materials — from initial outreach to campaign updates, donor research, thank you correspondence and legacy gift planning — to inspire your donors to work in community with you.


You get the communication tools you need to get donors to give... and keep coming back.

our clients say

"Every piece of fundraising communication is polished, professional, and most importantly produces results.


You really don’t feel like you’re working with a consultant, it feels like you have a new member of your team. They dive right in and very quickly understand your needs and the organization’s needs. They truly care about the causes they are working with; they provide guidance, advice, and influence where necessary and are invested in the outcomes."


- Michelle Bernard • Lead, Planned Giving

We help you build a legacy that lasts.

Our unique expertise in philanthropic psychology paired with our deep understanding of marketing packs a powerful punch when it comes to helping you build communication programs that work.


Here’s how we do it.

step one:

listen to connect

Your donors crave connection. (Don’t we all?) We work with you to develop highly effective communication tools that are focused on actively listening to your donors. The insight you gain will allow you to connect directly with their heartfelt desire to both do good in the world and feel good doing it.

step two:

write to inspire

When it comes to effective writing, emotions matter. We dive into your organization’s story to tease out the threads that connect with the emotional core of your donors’ desire to help bring your vision to life. We work with you to weave those threads throughout your communications, creating engaging conversations that inspire donors and build loyalty.

step three:

follow up to engage

One-hit wonder campaigns are remarkably ineffective when it comes to fundraising. We help you develop follow up communications that meet your donors' needs to know they’re making a difference. You’ll learn how to connect your results with each of their contributions, building an engaging, two-way relationship that makes a legacy bequest a natural next step.

It takes a village to change the world!

Did we mention we love working in community with like-minded humans? We do. We love it. Join our email community for occasional updates, fundraising communication deep dives and other good stuff.


We'll send your our ABCs of Fundraising as a thank you!

Our team is small, but mighty.

We have unique expertise in the psychology of philanthropy. We know how to help you understand who your donors are and what matters to them. And we are committed to working with you to create practical communication tools that generate results.


But if we had to pick just one thing that gets us out of bed each morning? Nothing lights us up like helping you build relationships with donors that last. We are particularly excited about legacy planning, and love working with our clients to ensure that legacy gifts are a natural step for their donors.


When you work with Refocus Fundraising, you work with us. Why not get know us a little more?

Aimée Lindenberger, CFRE

chief engagement officer

I am passionate about my role in helping non-profit organizations make the world a better place. As Chief Engagement Officer at Refocus Fundraising, I get to engage that passion every day.


With more than 20 years of marketing and communications experience, a tender heart and insightful mind, and being one of the first in the world to obtain a Philanthropic Psychology Certificate, I share new approaches with charities across Canada, helping them build fundraising programs.

jane westheuser, CFRE


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