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here's the thing... design is not decoration

It's communication. That's why I work with my clients to tell their stories in a visually compelling way that helps them connect with their ideal customers and close the sale more often. Here's a quick peek at some of my most recent work. If you'd like to see more, just shoot me a note in the contact section. I'm happy to share!

The Minerva Foundation for BC Women

I am proud to provide pro bono design support to one of Canada’s leading foundations for women and girls. I provide design services in support of reports, fundraising packages and social media media activities.

Shaughnessy Heights United Church

It has been a delight to work with SHUC as the congregation and staff complete their revisioning project. I designed the new visual identity and developed a host of marketing materials for the Church.

The Photographer’s Element

Ah… TPE! From brainstorming the overall business concept (yep, I was in on the ground floor) to developing the visual identity, designing ALL the marketing materials and building the website, this project has been a delight and a real test of my all ’round design skills.

Beryl Ayn Young

Beryl has been a delight to work with… she is truly inspiring and her business is such a positive force in the world. My support has included everything from site design to course collateral and just about everything in between!

a girl named fred

this is were I get to tell you all about you + me!
I'm here because... I'm a storyteller. It's what I love to do.

And you know what's wonderful about story-telling? It works. Think about it... It's how we teach each other the rules of a civil society (fables and moral tales). It's how we explore what it means to be human (literature, poetry and film). And it's how we seek to understand the world around us (journalism). And of course a good picture tells a thousand words. If that isn't a story, I don't know what is! I take this same approach in my design and communication work.

You're here because... well, probably for one of two reasons. Perhaps something about the way your business is working is just a little... off. Maybe you aren't connecting with your clients the way you used to? Maybe you feel your focus has changed since you launched your business? Or your business is growing and changing in new ways and you haven't figured out the best way to tell the world about it? New products, new services, new horizons! (Or maybe you're just here 'cause Google sent you? In which case, hey! Welcome!)

I begin each project by asking my clients one key question: What is your story?

  • how design can help

    Good graphic design boosts brand equity by reflecting the experience a customer can expect to have with the brand it represents. But effective design needs to be a lot more than just a pretty picture. It's not decoration. It's communication. That's why I approach my work from your customer's point of view... what will attract them? What design solutions will help you tell your story most effectively?

  • designer + writer = unique advantage

    Before I began my full-time design business, I had a 15+ year career in PR and marketing communications working with clients ranging from Microsoft to The Body Shop. I have experience in brand development and promotion, editorial design, writing, visual identity design and more. I believe my ability to communicate effectively in both pictures and words is a distinct advantage for both me and my clients.

  • i'm an enthusiast

    I get a LOT of satisfaction from helping organizations of all shapes and sizes tell their stories effectively. I truly love what I do, and consider it a treat to sit down at my desk every day (well, except weekends!). I do my best to ensure my clients enjoy the process, too!

suprise... my name isn't really fred!

It's Michelle. Gotcha! But I promise... that's the last time you'll get the run-around from me. From here on out it's straight talkin'.
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Michelle Cormack

designer, writer + communication consultant

And if you’re looking for the skinny on the Fred thing? You can read the real-life story of A Girl Named Fred right here.

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