At a Girl Named Fred, we know design isn't decoration. It's communication.

I work with my clients to tell their stories in a visually compelling way that helps them connect with their ideal customers and close the sale more often.

you + me

I'm here because I'm a storyteller. It's what I love to do.


You're here because... well, probably for one of two reasons.


Perhaps something about the way your business is working is just a little... off. Maybe you aren't connecting with your clients the way you used to? Maybe you feel your focus has changed since you launched your business?


Or, your business is growing and changing in new ways and you need help figuring out the best way to tell the world about it. New products, new services, new horizons!


Of course, you might be here because Google sent you? In which case, hey! Welcome!

Working with A Girl Named Fred Design is like taking your brand to a celebrity stylist.


She listens to you, talks in depth about what you and your audience want and need, and then works her magic to create something stageworthy. Before we were even done with our first project, I was already planning our next one together. The whole experience left me enthusiastic and excited to launch my product, and ready to work with her again. I could not recommend her more highly.

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how design can help

Good graphic design boosts brand equity by reflecting the experience a customer can expect to have with the brand it represents. And that's why I approach my work from your customer's point of view... what will attract them? What design solutions will help you tell your story most effectively?

Visual Branding & Logo Design

You know your logo isn't your brand, right? Your brand is how your clients describe your company when they're talking about you to others. I help you bring your desired brand to life through effective visual design.

Editorial & Advertising Design

Working with a combination of text, photos and graphics makes my heart happy. Making your content sing through attractive, logical and dynamic design is just about my favourite thing to do. Magazines, corporate reports, e-books, fact sheets, posters, HTML email, pop-up banners, print and digital advertisements... you name 'em, I've done 'em.

website design

If you need a website customized to match your visual branding, I'm your girl named Fred. I have extensive experience designing and customizing WordPress websites, including this one. And while I don't code from scratch, I work well with developers who do!

writing & Editing

I have more than 15 years' corporate and non-profit writing and editing experience. Reports, fact sheets, brochures, speeches, press releases... I've written and edited them all. I wrote every single word on copy on this site. I don't archive writing samples in my portfolio, but if you'd like to see some, shoot me a note in the contact form.



If Kentucky Fried Chicken decided to create a flavor of chicken wing in honor of Michelle Cormack, it would be Awesomesauce. From branding solutions to e-book design, she takes care of your graphic design needs quickly and effectively, with just enough of that magic-mindreader thing to keep you from having to spell out precisely what you want. She gets it. Her design genius makes my workload easier to handle, makes my words jump off the page, and makes everything I present infinitely more readable and more engaging. I’m so freaking honored to be her client.

kristen kalp, kristenkalp.com

suRprise, my name isn't really fred!

It's Michelle. Gotcha! But I promise... that's the last time you'll get the run-around from me. From here on out it's straight talkin'.

Feel free to explore and take a look at some of my work. But you should know I've been doing this for a while, now, so there's lots more! If you'd like to see additional work, or discuss a specific project, just shoot me an email. I'm happy to share.


Oh, and if you're wondering about the whole Girl Named Fred thing? Read the story!

I'm an enthusiast


I get a LOT of satisfaction from helping organizations of all shapes and sizes tell their stories effectively. I truly love what I do, and consider it a treat to sit down at my desk and get to work. I do my best to ensure my clients enjoy the process, too!

Designer + writer = distinct advantage


Before I began my full-time design business, I had a 15+ year career in PR and marketing communications working with clients ranging from Microsoft to The Body Shop. I have experience in brand development and promotion, editorial design, writing, visual identity design and more. I believe my ability to communicate effectively in both pictures and words is a distinct advantage for both me and my clients

IT'S exhilarating to work with great people like you!


I’m very pleased with the final report. Aside from your technical skills in pulling this kind of thing together, you exhibit such flexibility and grace under pressure.

Susan Karlshoej, the tk foundation